Practical project management

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Practical project management

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In this comprehensive course, you will learn how to initiate, plan, implement, adapt and close a project that meets the objectives and satisfies the needs of key stakeholders. The online course will introduce the elements of the project management lifecycle.  You will learn the techniques for the efficient management of a project using a phased approach. You will learn the concepts and techniques necessary for project management success.

Course Objective

To strengthen the student’s project management knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practices, with emphasis on teamwork; to enhance their individual and collective management skills, enabling them to spearhead reforms aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of development organizations and their ability to execute development projects.

course outline

Lesson 1 - Initiating Phase
  • The Project Charter
  • Analysis of Project Proposal
  • Project Support
  • Project Organization
  • Project Kick off
Lesson 2 - Planning Phase
  • Planning Approach
  • Development of Core Management Plans
  • Development of Support Management Plans
  • Development of M&E Plans
  • Plan integration
Lesson 3 - Implementation Phase
  • Team Development
  • Work Assignment Matrix
  • Procurement
  • Contract administration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Communicating with stakeholders
Lesson 4 - Monitoring Phase
  • Monitor Project Performance
  • Quality Control
  • Monitoring Risks
  • Team performance
  • Progress Reports
  • Change Control
Lesson 5 - Adapting Phase
  • Variance Analysis
  • Change requests
  • Develop proposal for changes
  • Adapt plans
  • Communicate changes
  • Reflective Practice
Lesson 6 - Closing Phase
  • Project Evaluation
  • Final Reports
  • Closing Contracts
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